Shopify Collection Page: Move Description to Bottom

Enhance Your Shopify Store

Move Collection Description to Bottom of Page with Simple Code Tweaks

Discover how to boost your Shopify store’s user experience and SEO ranking by relocating the collection description to the bottom of the page. This involves making some easy adjustments to your theme, and we’ll guide you through the 9 key steps below.

Step #1: Access Your Shopify Admin

Log in to your Shopify admin panel.

Step #2: Navigate to Themes

  • From your Shopify admin, go to “Online Store.”
  • Then, click on “Themes.”

Step #3: Edit Your Theme

  • Find the theme you want to edit and click the “Customise” button.
  • Select “Colections” from the top dropdown menu.

Step #4: Inside the Collection Template

In the left sidebar, click “Add Section” to your theme. Look for the section called “Custom Liquid” or “Liquid Code”.

Step #5: Add the Collection Description Code

Add the code

{{ collection.description }}

to the liquid section.

Step #6: Click Save

Remember to click save.

Step #7: Move the Code to the Bottom

Move your section “liquid” to the bottom of your page (or whereever you wish it to be displayed).

Step #8: Hide the default top collections description

On the left hand menu under the Collection Banner
Unclick the box “Show collection description”.

Step #9: Preview, Test & Save

Remember to save your options. and preview your shopify collections page to ensure it appears as desired.