Although magazine publishers have embraced mobile platforms, particularly the iPad, the web is still not all that important, executives at Conde Nast and Meredith Corp. indicated on stage at a conference in New York Wednesday.

“We see websites as gateway into the brand,” said Bob Sauberg, president of Conde Nast. Liz Schimel, evp and chief digital officer at Meredith, echoed his statement, calling websites “entry points” through which visitors can discover publishers’ other — namely, paid — products.

The statements suggest that neither company is interested in erecting paywalls around their magazine websites. Apparently, neither thinks the web will ever become a significant revenue stream, despite the proliferation of profitable, web-based media companies over the past decade (The Huffington Post, Gawker Media, etc.)

Instead, both publishers showed a desire to adhere to legacy business models, i.e. packaging content in print (and print-like) monthly editions supported largely by advertising, and supplemented by low-cost monthly subscriptions and single-copy newsstand sales.

“Consumers still prefer print, so we aim for print-like digital products,” he said, adding that other forms of digital content may eventually be bundled into subscriptions in the future.

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