Hi, my name is Larissa and I’m a web designer and chocoholic.
I hope that there is nothing wrong with that!

I have always had a love on design, right from an early age. I remember doing everyone’s bubble writing for their class assignments to winning the primary school drawing competition at 8 years old. And what about the time, in junior high school, where I designed and printed an  A5 monthly magazine for a small group of friends.

Design to me is everywhere. Some things are design well and somethings aren’t. And when I see those things that just dont meet my design needs – gee my husband knows all about it.

Name: Larissa the Web Designer
Age: In between birthdays at the moment
Sex: Female
Habits: Only good ones!

I have designed a great deal of things in my time, from business cards, letterheads, stationery, promotional items, t-shirt designs; to corporate websites, flash e-learning training courses, multimedia presentations, billboards, bus, tram and monorail wraps. I love it all.

My approach is very hands on, I like to either work through the design process from start to finish or if that is not possible I will always seek the end result or dig further to find its point of origin. I love being involved in the creative concept, the ideas, the what, when, where, why and hows…

I have been designing professionally for over 12 years nows and have been producing websites for at least 10 years. I work with all the Adobe Creative Suite programs; cross platform, and get involved with Microsoft programs when the need arises.

But you can’t put all your eggs into one basket…. my other passion is the love of the great outdoors. I was a ski instructor who travelled the world back when i was so fit it was scary! And now I have just completed a lap of our amazing country, Australia.

If you want you find out more about me, why not give me a buzz on 0435 644 234 or jump over to the contact page for more ways to get in touch. Don’t forget to download my resume below.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

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